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Prisoner of Azkaban by tsukimikaze Prisoner of Azkaban by tsukimikaze
i had to resize it because the image was so dim=_=;;;;
well i drew this picture after reading poa in japanese. so it makes this picture 2 or 3 years old....=_=;;;; omg harry looks so weird...
but just because i like sirius and remus, i deviate this...:p
and i haven't drawn anything yet to celebrate the movieTMT i really don't know what to draw...does anyone have a suggestion?;__; well i know i don't have to but i want to>__<
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Albino-Peacock Featured By Owner May 13, 2008  Student General Artist
You think this is a bad drawing! I wish I could color like that!
InuKuroi Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006  Hobbyist
It's totally awesome ^^ coloring----> :heart: And Remus is cute
Aori Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006
soooooo smexy Sirius! *___*
and.. oh.. cute Remus ;_;
brunokim Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005
So good!Wold be better if u post in bigger size!!!^^Maybe a little more of contrast improve...maybe i'm saying fools...> <...the drawing is so beautiful!!!..sorry for the bad english..hope u understand...
Power-J Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2004
Super duper awesome!!!!!!!! HP!!!
Kisarune Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2004
sho sheckshy! i love sirius and hermione! ;3;
catzzzrule Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2004
:jawdrop: :heart: :heart: totally amazing watercolor *_*
Deuil Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2004
that's beautiful! Gorgeous coloring! <33
kakazu Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2004
wow!it`s very amazing!! i like`s a beautiful art!
TokiKon Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
If the world could draw nearly as good as you can, it would be a better place *nodnod*
Shusulan Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2004
Great composition! I love this- it must have taken so much patience.
saucywench Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2004
ehhhh T_T im so behind on all your deviations *_* *promises to keep up better* :cries:
this is amazing... so much skill~~ to put so many charas in one pic! it looks like a movie poster ;) im in love with lupin's facial expression~~~ uwaaa want to hug him so bad XD
colleenlupe Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2004
have you seen the movie? it's so cool!
shin-e Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
*3*;;;!!!! SO beautiful!! R-Remus and Sirius looks so..... so...... *ran out of words, so she can only sit and drool at the pic* XDXDXD;;; Dangit... I so LOVE your style!!

:+fav:!! X3~~~

Suggestion? Hmm.... Draw Harry and Draco together? XD;;; *runs away before anyone can bricks her* XDXDXD;;;;
omni-dragon Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004
amazing *_* :heart: I must :+fav: this AND. stalk you XD.
blueeyedpanther Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2004
It looks great! That was actually my favorite book too :D
joodlez Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AWWWww~ they're so cute!!!!! even tho they aint chibified. O-o!!! how do u DO that?! ;_;

o gosh. siri remi are so cute. <3 they're ALL CUTE. XDXDXD too bad they killed them all in the movie. = =;;; have u SEEN black and lupin?!?!? SOB. TT_TT

love the composition, but i dont understand what the black animal is at the top. koz i think i see sirius with crookshanks... ^^;

is that cho i see? D: she's so PRETTEHHHH~~ same with er-my-knee. <3<3<3 this deserves my fav. *UBERFAVS*
einthewonderdog Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2004
OOOOOOOOOMGOSH SO PRETTY ! SO PRETTY AND MORE PRETTY THAN I CAN SAY XD XD i do love the colors and the characters here~ i love how you imagine them ! so excellent :'333 your watercolors are always so amazing ;___; i dunno how to watercolor myself, but if i did *______* it would be like you~:!: :hug: ^_^ yay for awesome tsu~~!
AmourOublie Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
GOD! Your watercoloring is so freakin' amazing. *Faints from beauty!*
platinapastern Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
ah, this is that one from your site~! Must fave this one!!!! >_< I want to see PoA so baaaad >_< but yes, this looks a little bit dim, use smart blur a little, it'll go nice! <3

aahahahahha, I've been wondering who is the guy behind oliver, so he's a she? cho chang? :D
thee Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
Really good and detail :D .
kawaiiochibichan Featured By Owner May 29, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
harry potter ne... ^^
btw, is sirius at the right below harry? he's cute ^^

kuwashii no nai...yomu no to miru no to suru koto mo nai kara ><
4-th Featured By Owner May 29, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice watercolor pic. But why it's so SMALL!! :tears: You are so patient to draw all of those characters in one pic and make they all look good. COOL!! I love your Lupin so much. OMG He's so pretty!!! but..but...Where is Snape?? (Greasy git fangirl is here!! XD) haha you draw only Griffindor, eh?

mizuai Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sooo beautifuull
so many people there
i can't draw many people in one picture, it's so hard

but you did it very good

ahhh prisioner of Azkabannnnn can't wait to watch it XDXD``
chupachup Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
omgosh, you are SO GOOD at watercolors!! i'm always inspired to try watercolors after looking at your works~ it's as if you do them effortlessly~ the way you draw is so delicate and beautiful!! :):) :love:
Cooldot- Featured By Owner May 28, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
itīs COOl!the colors r great well done! :)
niisan Featured By Owner May 28, 2004
OMG OMG!!!!!! So so many characters~~~~~~~~~~~~~:heart: :heart: And you drew each and everyone of them so so welllllllllllllll *dying so so bad* must fave :drool: omgggg~~ sirius look so so handsome in your style *3* :drool: SO INCREDIBLEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~ words fail to describe properly~~ X33 wahh like a doujinshi really :love: :heart: the composition is A M A Z I N G!!!!! really love their clothing plus.... THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH :glomp: :glomp: :heart: sirius :heart: lupin :heart: everyoneeee~~ :heart:
plushtiger Featured By Owner May 28, 2004  Hobbyist
Ooh I really like this!! It's gorgeous! :glomp: I especially love Sirius and Remus....:heart: *_* You do excellent watercolor work...*stare pounce*
YoukoFujima Featured By Owner May 28, 2004
Wow, that's a great pic ^^ I really love the mural-like positioning...and the boy behind Oliver (who is he?) looks a bit like the main character of SuikoII.
tsukimikaze Featured By Owner May 28, 2004
it's not a boyTWT it's actually cho chang~TMT i drew her hair tied up so i guess that's why she looks like a boy:p
YoukoFujima Featured By Owner May 28, 2004
O_O WAH, sorry! But it's still good^^;
YamiToHikari Featured By Owner May 28, 2004
That's really good! I love the spacing and positioning of all the characters. You did a fantastic job!
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